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Sun, Jan 29, 2023, 4:56 AM
Nathan Williamson
by Nathan Williamson
The Schedule has been confirmed for the Sydney Sevens. Photo: World Rugby
The Schedule has been confirmed for the Sydney Sevens. Photo: World Rugby

The Sydney Sevens Schedule has been confirmed as the HSBC World Series returns to Australia.

In the Men's draw, Australia has been drawn in Pool A alongside Hamilton winners Argentina, Great Britain and Canada.


Current series leaders New Zealand are in Pool B alongside Commonwealth Games champions South Africa, Kenya and Uruguay whilst USA, Ireland, Samoa and Spain make up Pool C.

Olympic champions Fiji headline Pool D, rounding out the pools alongside France, Tonga and Japan.

As for Australia's Women, they sit in Pool C with Ireland, Spain and Brazil.

Series leaders and Hamilton champions New Zealand draw Pool A along with Japan, France and Papua New Guinea, with USA headling a stacked Pool B that includes Great Britain, Fiji and Canada.

Sydney Sevens Pools

The Pool action will get underway on January 27, with finals kicking off on January before the gold medal match on the following day.

Every game will be live on beIN Sports and Kayo, with final tickets still available for purchase.

Sydney Sevens Fixtures


Pool B: Great Britain 17 def Fij 5i, 12:00 pm

Pool B: USA 14 def Canada 12, 12:22 pm

Pool A: Japan 5 def by France 24, 12:44 pm

Pool A: New Zealand 48 def PNG 0, 1:06 pm

Pool C: Ireland 14 def Spain 12, 1:28 pm

Pool C: Australia 28 def Brazil 12, 1:50 pm
Friday Women's Pool Schedule


Pool C: Ireland 12 def by Samoa 17, 2:22 pm

Pool C: USA 33 def Spain 14, 2:44 pm

Pool B: South Africa 31 def Kenya 5, 3:06 pm

Pool B: New Zealand 45 def Uruguay 7, 3:28 pm

Pool D: Fiji 52 def Tonga 7, 3:50 pm

Pool D: France 19 def Japan 17, 4:12 pm

Pool A: Australia 12 def Great Britain 7, 4:34 pm

Pool A: Argentina 24 def Canada 19, 4:56 pm

Friday Men's Schedule 1


Pool B: Great Britain 19 def 5 Canada, 5:38 pm

Pool B: USA 14 def by Fiji 17, 6:00 pm

Pool A: Japan 55 def PNG 0, 6:37 pm

Pool A: New Zealand 29 def France 14, 7:05 pm

Pool C: Ireland 26 def Brazil 12, 7:35 pm

Pool C: Australia 46 def Spain 0, 8:03 pm
Friday Women's Schedule 2


Pool C: Ireland 26 def Spain 0, 9:00 am

Pool C: USA 7 def by Samoa 26, 9:22 am

Pool B: South Africa 28 def Uruguay 12, 9:44 am

Pool B: New Zealand 33 def Kenya 0, 10:06 am

Pool D: Fiji 54 def Japan 0, 10:20 am

Pool D: France 40 def Tonga 0, 10:50 am

Pool A: Australia 22 def Canada 7, 11:12 am

Pool A: Argentina 19 def by Great Britain 26, 11:34 am

Saturday Men's Schedule
Saturday Men's Schedule


Pool B: Fiji 34 def Canada 7, 12:06 pm

Pool B: USA 12 def Great Britain 10, 12:28 pm

Pool A: France 41 def PNG 7, 12:50 pm

Pool A: New Zealand 27 def Japan 12, 1:12 pm

Pool C: Spain 5 def by Brazil 31: 1:34 pm

Pool C: Australia 43 def Ireland 7, 1:56 pm
Saturday Women's Schedule
Saturday Women's Schedule


Pool C: Samoa 35 def Spain 15, 2:43 pm

Pool C: USA 0 def by Ireland 26, 3:05 pm

Pool B: Kenya 24 def Uruguay 19, 3:27 pm

Pool B: New Zealand 14 def by South Africa 17, 3:49 pm

Pool D: Tonga 26 def Japan 12, 4:11 pm

Pool D: France 12 def by Fiji 19, 4:33 pm

Pool A: Great Britain 33 def Canada 5, 4:55 pm

Pool A: Argentina 10 def by Australia 29, 5:17 pm
Saturday Men's Schedule 2
Saturday Men's Schedule 2


Great Britain 5 def by USA 10, 5:54 pm

Australia 5 def by France 10, 6:16 pm

Fiji 12 def by Ireland 26, 6:38 pm

New Zealand 33 def Japan 0, 7:00 pm


Samoa v New Zealand, 7:37 pm

South Africa v Ireland, 8:05 pm

Fiji v Great Britain, 8:35 pm

Australia v France, 9:03 pm

Women’s 9th Place Semis

Canada v Spain 9:10 am

Brazil v Papua New Guinea, 9:32 am

Men’s 9th Place Quarter Finals

USA v Uruguay, 9:54 am

Kenya v Spain, 10:16 am

Tonga v Canada 10:38 am

Argentina v Japan 11:00 am

Women’s 5th Place Semis/Place Playoffs

Great Britain v Australia, 11:32 am

Fiji v Japan, 11:54 am

PNG v Spain, 12:16 pm

Canada v Brazil, 12:38 pm

Place Semi-Finals

13th Place SF: Uruguay v Japan, 1:00 pm

9th Place SF: USA v Argentina 1:22 pm

9th Place SF: Kenya v Tonga, 1:44 pm

5th Place SF: Samoa v Australia, 2:06 pm

5th Place SF: Ireland v Great Britain, 2:28 pm

13th Place SF: Spain v Canada, 2:50 pm

Women’s Semi-Finals

USA v France, 3:22 pm

Ireland v New Zealand, 3:44 pm

Men’s Semi-Finals

New Zealand v France, 4:06 pm

South Africa v Fiji, 4:28 pm

Place Playoffs


Great Britain v Japan 5:00 pm

Australia v Fiji, 5:22 pm


Uruguay v Spain, 5:44 pm

Argentina v Tonga: 6:06 pm

Samoa v Ireland: 6:28 pm

Medal Matches
Women’s Bronze Medal Final: USA v Ireland, 7:07 pm
Men’s Bronze Medal Final: France v Fiji 7:29 pm
Women’s Gold Medal Final: New Zealand v France, 7:56 pm
Men’s Gold Medal Final: New Zealand v South Africa 8:26 pm

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